Monday, February 28, 2011


Joe has gone back to work and everything is back to normal. Brady keeps asking where dad is but I keep telling him that dad is at work and he will be coming home tonight.

I am excited to go to the gym after dinner. My goal is to go to the gym 6 days a week. I haven't lost any more weight, but that will change soon!

Brady has been so funny lately, he has renamed Max our puppy Buzz. He is chasing Max and yelling "no no buzz" he's a funny guy.

Brady has been doing so well at potty training. He has decided that standing up and peeing is a much better way to do it. He mostly pees on the floor but he makes it in his potty sometimes. I'm really glad that he is starting to go in the potty. I am so ready to be done with his diapers.

I am just sitting here wondering how all my sis-in-laws have time to make all of these super cute crafts and things when I barley have time to clean my house and get all the laundry put away. I only have two kids, where is my time for crafts? you women amaze me! I mean seriously Casey, you have four kids, a bunch of blogs, and an etsy shop full of cute crafts! Why can't I be more like you? Look at this stuff. ok enough of me being jealous, back to cleaning and poopy diapers.


Anonymous said...

Mandy, Mandy, Mandy. Don't be silly! You are awesome. :) I have time to make stuff because I put the kids to bed at 7pm and I'm lucky that they mostly sleep well. It gets easier as the kids get older, I promise.

Lance and Mandi said...

Casey is right- it gets easier. 2 kids 2yrs and younger= time for 2 kids 2 yrs and younger. If you are cleaning the house and finishing laundry too- well, give yourself a pat on the back!!