Friday, May 6, 2011

Potty Training

Brady never wants to sit on the potty. I will try to bribe him with treats but he doesn't care. He doesn't care that all of his older cousins use the "big boy potty". What do I do? I really can't stand his diapers anymore and I need to get him potty trained asap. I have decided to only give him treats if he uses the potty. I will have snack time full of healthy snacks but the candy and cookies are for him if he sits and at least tries to potty. Do you think it will work? Any advise would be great!


Anonymous said...

It'll happen Mandy. He's still kind of young. William didn't train until he was 3 and it wasn't an overnight thing either. Henry was successful at 2 1/2 but I think it really depends on the kid. I've heard lots of nakie time is good but I wouldn't consider myself an expert at potty training. I hate it!

Anonymous said...

All of my kids except for Jacob were over three before they were toilet trained. It wasn't worth the stress and fight to force it earlier. Quite frankly, once they're toilet trained you have to visit every disgusting public bathroom in the area. Usually they announce they have to go at the MOST inconvenient times too. Like you have a full shopping cart at Costco, and you have to leave it to trapse across all the way to the opposite side of the store and put him on a gross toilet, all while you're trying to hold onto your baby. Good luck, but diapers do have a few advantages. :)