Monday, June 6, 2011

goodbye kids, hello tulalip resort...

Lately things have been kinda stressful, well maybe more than kinda stressful and I think I had my breaking point the other night. Joe and I finally decided we need a getaway day trip. Joe called his mom to see if there was any way she could watch the kids for us just for a night. Of course she said yes and she is going to bring along my little sis-in-law Ashley. I am so happy they are willing to drive two hours just to give Joe and I a little break from our stressful lives. Joe's family are the most caring and giving people I know. I am so lucky to have them as my in-laws! So this Friday Joe hopefully wont have to work (If there is no DUI's for 60 days the sailors get a day off, so lets hope nobody gets a DUI now til Friday) and we will be going to the Tulalip resort. Joe and I don't gamble but we love how nice the resort is and we usually just walk around and look at all the lights, maybe we will do a little shopping at the outlet mall. Hopefully I can relax and forget about all the drama in my life. I can't wait until Friday!

Joe got the word that July 15th the day he will get discharged honorably from the navy. We have a family reunion that starts the 16th in Idaho so we will be driving to Idaho the day after he gets out. I'm excited to see my family. My cousin just had a baby girl and I am dying to go hold her and my grandpa recently was diagnosed with stage 4 bladder cancer, it will be nice to go visit him and let him see his cute great-grand babies. Joe gets 10 days of free leave before he gets discharged so I guess his last day will be July 5th. We are moving into Joe's parents house probably the 12th or 13th and Joe will just have to come back to base on the 15th to check out. I am going to look around for apartments or a house to rent but for now we are planning on staying at Joe's parents. We can't bring Max with us because he will bite anyone that comes in the house that isn't family, Darlene has students coming in and out all the time so there is just no way we can have him. I have been calling shelters and nobody will take him because he is aggressive, they said if they did take him they would just put him down. I think our only option is to put him down. We would rather have Joe hold him and put him down than him be terrified and have some stranger put him down. If we cant find a place for him to go then I think Joe will take him to the vet and put him down. We have until around July 10th to find a place for him. Max is a very sweet dog to those he knows. He has been there for Joe and I in our most darkest times. I think the day we have to let him go will be a very sad day, especially for Joe. Max is Joe's third son. We will be in bed crying all day. But it has to be done. We don't have social lives because we don't want to deal with max trying to kill everybody. It will be nice to be able to invite friends over and not worry about him. I will miss my Maxie Bear.
Here is a picture of my cousins little girl Sophia, she is the cutest little thing! She was blessed by my grandpa yesterday, I wish I could have been there!

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Anonymous said...

Hooray for a mini vacation! That's so nice of Darlene and Ashely to babysit.

Boo for the whole Max thing. I'm so sorry you have to make that choice. If it's worth anything, I would do the same thing if I were you.