Monday, June 20, 2011

Little Red Wagon-

My Mom and Dad gave Connor this cute red wagon for his birthday. He loves it! Brady might love it more but that's OK! It can be Brady's too! Thanks Mom and Dad!

Connor Turns one on the 24Th so he's not one until Friday but we thought we would celebrate a little early with some family. We are planning a little red wagon BBQ for Connor this Saturday the 25Th. It's mostly a little get together with some friends and family to celebrate Joe getting out of the navy and us leaving Oak Harbor. I haven't officially invited anyone just if you think you might be in the area or you would love to come visit us in Oak harbor let me know and I will give you some info on our little BBQ. We love when friends and family come and visit!
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Lance and Mandi said...

What a handsome little guy! Wish we could come! Hopefully we will see you guys when we come in August.