Thursday, February 18, 2010

two pregannt women, a puppy, and a one year old out on the town..

Samantha, Brady, Poco and I went on an adventure to the Ocean today. The Ocean is close to my house but we walked from Samantha's house and so that walk was a little long. We got bored and ended up walking past the water and did this big 6 mile (or more) walk. Lets just say I can't walk and I'm in pain. Joe had to help me get to the computer. Pregnant women shouldn't take 6 mile hikes while pushing a one year old in a stroller. Anyways, here are some cute pic of the day!

Brady loved talking Poco on a walk!

playing in the sand

Sam and poco

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Joy Chantry said...

brady is such a doll. I love the one of him walking the dog. Sam loves to do that too!