Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines Day

This is the best picture I could get of Joe and I on V-day. He was being a punk. He did get me the best gifts though! I woke up Saturday morning (we celebrated on sat) and Brady walked up to me and handed me a rose. SO cute! Then Daddy came in and handed me a box of See's chocolates and a 32GB IPOD touch! I was so excited! Thanks Joe! Joe and I then gave Brady his big valentine stuffed puppy. He loves to hug the puppy and give him kisses.

After we had our nice valentine morning we drove to my moms house to take advantage of some free babysitting. My mom had the place decked out in valentine gifts and snacks (she always goes all out) Joe and I got some candy and some clothes. Brady got a book, candy, and socks. Grandma is so nice to us!

Joe and I went out to the Japanese Steakhouse in Federal Way. I love that place! The food is great! Then we were going to see the movie Valentines Day but I kinda wanted to hang out with Randy and Alicia instead. So we went to an Adult couples dance at the church. Lets just say that we laughed alot. After around 20 min of being there we left and went home to watch movies.
It was a fun night.

I probably gained 10 pounds last weekend.


Audrey said...

I love Trista's cookies.... and I crave her pasta

Casey said...

Mandy, your Mom really does amazing parties. She should be a party planner or something. She has a real talent! (Next time you really need to smuggle some of those cookies back for us though.) :)