Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Past Two Weeks..

Here is my 6 month belly picture. Yes I did get a perm!

My friend Brooke and her two kids drove all the way from Utah to come stay with me for a week and a half. That week and a half went by really fast! I am really sad to see her go! She is probably really happy to get home because we found out the hard way that having 3 kids and no husbands to help is hard and stressful!

We spent a lot of our time shopping. I didn't have a double stroller so poor Landon sat in the basket under the stroller. He is such a trooper!
Landon and Brady loved running and playing at the malls. I think they picked up a bad cough and diarrhea from another kid playing. That wasn't fun for the kids!

We went to some fun restaurants! The boys got balloon animals!
We soaked in the sun! (No they are not kissing in this pic, Landon is asking Brady to stay away from his pop)

And little Carter was such a sweet baby. He wished he could play with the boys!

I will be coming to Utah in August so hopefully I will get to see Brooke in her home! I always love it when friends come and see me!

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