Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Summer Travels

I am SUPER excited for this summer! Here is why:

June: having a baby!
(Joe gets 10 free vacation days, yay!)

Going to Utah for a family reunion (I am really hoping I will be feeling ok by then! Having a 4 week old on a trip might be hard)

Then we are going to Idaho to visit my family for a couple days!
Two friend weddings are also in August.

One of my best friends is getting married so I am the maid of honor! I hope I can lose all the baby weight in 3 months! here is the bride to be!

I am trying to have Joe take some vacation time before the baby is born because once the baby gets here I will be glued to the little guy for months. Joe is worried that they wont approve him for 3 different vacations. He has 20 days saved up so far, I wish they would just let him use them whenever he wants to! The NAVY is always difficult.


Ashley said...

what's on your necklace mandy?

Joe and Mandy Johnson said...

I can't tell. I think its a B for bride.

Ashley said...

hmm that's weird...it looks more like a strange T

Kendal said...

so, lots of things....
right now benjys brother is stationed in hawaii with the navy! they love it
also, i will either be in idaho or utah when you come down and i really want to see you guys. even if its off an exit where i get to hug you and kiss all your babies. (and you can rub my tummy)
there was probably more but i already forgot.