Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our Place

I told Brooke that I would post some pictures of my place once I got it some what clean. Here it is! Its really boring so Joe and I decided we are going to paint and buy some cute decorations. I really want my mom to come and decorate for me because I really have no idea what I am doing. Here are some pictures of what my house looks like and what I really want it to look like in the next 3 months or so lol.

Here is Brady's room. It has white walls and little decorations. I did take some of the decorations down that I had because I am switching Brady's crib set and decorations into the new babies room.

This isn't exactly what I want for his room but I did buy that bed set and some cute decorations to go with it from Ikea. I am just waiting for my dad to build Brady a new bed and I will start to set up his room.

Here is the upstairs bathroom. We have two and a half bathrooms total. They all kinda look the same. Boring!

Upstairs hallway. We have the kids rooms and my master bedroom. My room and the babies room has a walk in closet.

My bedroom needs to be a little cleaner for me to take a picture (oops) but It just has a king bed, tv, and a dresser. I want to decorate it kinda like this picture, I love that color. I might add some very light teal and black.

The new babies room. Haven't done much. It will look alot like Brady's room before I took down all the decorations.

Here is the theme I have for the babies room. I really love the paint color. I have the curtains, the whole crib set, diaper holder, lamp, and the blanket. All I need is some paint on the walls and the wallpaper up top!


Now the downstairs Here is our tv room

I think we want to paint the walls a light grey color. I want to do a ocean/sailor theme.

here is our dining area and kitchen

Our backyard. Very tiny! Good thing we have a tiny dog!

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Brooke said...

Cute! I don't know why you said you don't have any have way more than me! I wish I could of seen it in person.

Can't wait to see Brady's new room!