Sunday, May 23, 2010

All night in L&D

Saturday Josh and Samantha came over for a nice walk outside and a BBQ. Sam and I took some pictures of our huge baby bumps. Sam and Josh went home a little later and Joe, Brady, and I went to a drive-inn movie. Josh called me around 10:30 pm in a panic because Samantha's water broke! I was in shock! She still had 3 weeks until her due date!

Samantha and Josh got to the hospital around 11 I think. Her contractions didn't really start til midnight. She was dilated to a one. The contractions were very close together and extremely painful! It was hard for me to see her in that much pain. Well 5 hours later she was dilated to a 10! Baby Addyson was a little high in her so she had to wait a little bit to start pushing. She finally was born 3 hours later. Poor Sam was so tired from pushing! She didn't even have time to get an epidural! I just sat outside the room so I wouldn't faint and I don't think Sam wanted me to see everything! Well she did great, I am so proud of her!
Congrats Samantha and Josh!
Addyson Sage Stuart
5 pounds 10 oz
19in long

Now I am upset because She cheated and had her baby 3 weeks early! I miss my pregnancy buddy already! I need to hurry up and have this baby!


Randy, Ally, and Wes said...

I knew it! I was pretty sure she was going to have her baby any minute after talking to you yesterday. Tell her congrats for me! That is so wonderful. Your turn is coming soon!

Audrey said...

She looks like her daddy

-Ross Family- said...

She's a beautiful baby!

You are a great friend.

I was pregnant with Josh at the same time that 2 of my sister-in-laws were pregnant with babies. It really stunk when they had their babies 6 weeks, and 2 weeks before I had Josh. It felt so unfair!

You look really cute in your pix. Before you know it you too will be holding a darling little baby. (And eating chocolate)

We're excited for you!