Friday, June 25, 2010

Connor Axel Johnson

What an exciting time for all of us. Mandy gave birth last yesterday to our beautiful new son, Connor Axel Johnson. Ashley was nice enough last night to put up a quick post with a picture and his stats, but I'm sure everyone wants to hear the story, so here it is. On Tuesday Mandy was complaining about really bad pains shooting down her legs, so she called the doctor and changed her appointment from Wednesday to that day. We went in and the doctor told us that nothing had changed, and that the pains were normal. Basically just to tough it out. She was still somewhere between a 2 and a 3, which was where she was for the last week or so. We were not that happiest people after hearing that but we went home Mandy rested for the better part of the day. Wednesday, I came home for lunch around 11 and she was having contractions, which we started to get used to. I went back to work, of course I was checking my phone about every 5 seconds to see if anything happened. Around 2 Mandy called me and told me the contractions were really painful, and that it was time. Well, apparently it wasn't. There was still no change in her cervix, and they just weren't ready to admit her. Well at this point I was about ready to take a gun to the head of the nurses. We were really frustrated. They wouldn't even give her Morphine to help with the pain. Fast forward to about 12:30 that night. Mandy was downstairs, I was upstairs sleeping. She called me and told me that the contractions were even worse than before. We waited about an hour from then just to be safe, but they were only getting worse. We headed in, by this point were just knew in advance that we weren't getting admitted. We were finally broken. We honestly thought that Mandy would stay pregnant forever. I can't find a link to it, so sorry, but for those of you who have seen it, we thought that Mandy would have a birthing experience like the SNL skit where a 37 year old Will Ferrell would come out of the womb. Anyway, we got to the hospital and of course Mandy's cervix still hadn't changed. We walked around for about 45 mins, during this time Mandy was almost falling to the floor in pain due to very frequent contractions. After the walking, Mandy got checked again and her cervix finally started to get bigger. It was almost up to a 4. So at about 3 or 4 Thursday morning Mandy was admitted and the birthing experience finally started. She ended getting an epidural at around 6. She was fully dilated by about 11:30 or so. They had her start pushing about a half hour later. She wasn't making a ton of progress, so they had her stop for about 10 or 15 minutes and when she did start pushing again they also were using a vacuum to help get him out. At 12:40 our little dude came out. We were both so happy this day had finally come. Connor and Mom are both doing really well. All Connor wants to do is eat. Mandy fed him no joke for 2 hours after he was born and the little guy was acting like he was hungry still. Brady took after his mom and doesn't really like to eat, but this guy is a chip off his old mans block. I have a feeling he is going to be a portly little guy. Enough of my babbling, here are some pictures.


Brooke said...

Oh I love him! Joe, I'm pretty impressed that you wrote the birth story on here and Mandy, you look so good! That picture of Brady pointing to Connor is so precious! I'm sure he's going to be such a good big brother. Seeing all of this makes me want to fly down to see you guys RIGHT NOW ! I miss you guys and want to see your new baby SO bad!

Randy, Ally, and Wes said...

Congrats you guys! Mandy, you are such a trooper, and Brooke is right--you look great. He's a doll!

Joe- props on the birth story. Way to tell it like a Johnson boy, complete with Will Ferrell reference.

Casey said...

Keep the pictures coming. He is adorable!

Your labor sounds a lot like what I went through with Addy. Did they mention him being posterior at all? I bet you were just exhausted by the end!