Sunday, June 13, 2010

not so fun trip to the hospital

Last night I was having contractions every 2-4 minutes for 5 hours. Joe and I decided to go to the hospital around 1:30a.m. She checked me and I was 2 cm and 60%. I walked around for an hour and I was still 2cm but I was way more effaced (she didn't tell me what I was at). I got excited that at least something was changing and I was hoping to be admitted. She told me that she can feel the amniotic sac "bulging" and that it is really close to breaking. I wad told to go home and take Tylenol (Lame..I wanted some drugs to get rid of the pain! haha). She also said "I wouldn't last through the weekend" meaning she gives me two days at the most. Who knows..I have been walking so much I am starting to give up! My mom came over for the weekend to help, thank goodness because Brady got sick and he needed a lot of attention. We really couldn't of made it with out her! They took Brady with them tonight to stay with them and Grandma and Grandpa Johnson. They will be switching him back and forth. We are so thankful for our parents!


Brooke said...

No pictures?! Don't forget to take a last prego shot. I am crossing my fingers that it will happen soon for you.

Anonymous said...

You have the baby yet?

Joe and Mandy Johnson said...