Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thank you Navy and Gerber!

Tonight I attended a Budget for Baby class put on by The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society. This is such a great program, Its a program that offers classes for budgeting for life, Free or close to free thrift shop, Interest free loans for cars and homes, Emergency financial aid, Education tuition assistance, food lockers, and Layettes for the family. One of my favorite benefits of this program is the visiting nurse program. They come to your house if you would like them to help with anything with pregnancy and after you give birth. I have been seeing a maternity nurse once a month this pregnancy. She comes to my house and help with anything I need. She tells me were to find free cribs, car seats, and clothes. I guess there are some advantages of being a military wife!I was excited to go to this class because I knew I would be getting some free baby stuff!
From GERBER:(gerber is a big supporter of the military so they like to give free stuff away)
5 pack onesies
two knit crib sheets
2 piece bath set hooded towel and washcloth
3 pack burp cloths
thermal receiving blanket
2 pack bibs
2 pack booties set
3 pack sleep'n plays
I also got a homemade blue blanket
and on the way out the instructor told us to look in the thrift store and take whatever we want (anything in the entire store!) so I grabbed a yellow blanket. Joe was already late to work so I couldn't look around GRR!


Lance and Mandi said...

Total score!!

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Anonymous said...

We had the best nurse come to our house. After a while, we kinda got the hang of things and she just came over because we loved her! As for the free stuff... isn't it awesome? We did the same thing while prego with Xavier. The military can be an awesome thing. I hope everything goes well with this baby!