Monday, June 21, 2010

I am not a happy camper...

I am going crazy. I am SO sick of being pregnant. I have sharp pains and I swear the baby is 11 pounds. I had Brady by this time my last pregnancy. I really need to get this baby out! Hopefully tonight something will happen! Here is a 39week belly pic..

I really miss Brady. He is with my parents and Joe's parents this weekend. Aunt Ashley is in town so she will get to play with him too. They will be here on Friday. I will take the opportunity to clean and sleep as much as I can before the baby comes!


Brooke said...

OH MY GOODNESS MANDY! Your belly is SO stinking cute. So crazy that there is a little baby in there.

Anonymous said...

You have my TOTAL sympathy. I'm sure that the extra time in your belly makes your baby extra cute, extra smart, and extra good at sleeping. Hang in there!