Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Back to school.

Joe is now an official college student again. He is going to Green River Community College this fall. He is taking four classes at 5 credits each. A 20 credit class load will keep him busy. He is doing the Associates in applied science Air Traffic Control program. You usually would need a four year degree to get hired as an air traffic controller but he will just need to finish this 98 credit program and hopefully get hired soon after. We are thinking the school will only take him a year or a year and a half at the longest. He will also have his associated degree. We have some friends that work at the auburn airport so hopefully we can get some help from them. I feel good about all of the changes happening to our family. We are thankful for everything the navy has given us and we are excited for joe to become a veteran and get the benefits of a vet. The G.I. Bill is going to be really nice, free schooling is awesome. So wish us luck!

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