Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What we are doing in July..

I have been waiting for you july. I am totally excited for a bundle of fun things to come this month.

4th of July was super fun. My mom, dad, and sister drove up to see us. We watched a parade and went to a carnival. I was really fun. I thought it was really cool when my dad went on a "scary" ride that I wouldn't even go on. The next day my family helped us pack up our house.

9th of July is the day we move out of our townhouse. Lots of cleaning and moving that day. Hopefully we can find some help or its going to be a long day.

14th of July is Joe's 26th birthday! Joe has to stay in oak harbor on the 14th be because he needs to be on base on the 15th so he can check out of the navy, I feel bad he will be by himself on his birthday, sorry Joe.

15th of July is Joe's last day of being an airman in the united states navy. Yes!

16th of July we are driving to idaho. I'm super excited to visit my family!

30th of July my cousin Audrey gets married! I'm excited to bake and frost cupcakes, visit family, and eat some good BBQ!

Yay for july!

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