Friday, July 1, 2011

Connor is a sad baby...

Little Addyson, his girlfriend, left today to live in Idaho. I always knew that when your in the navy you make friends and then there comes a time where you have to leave them. I didn't realize how hard it is to become so close to a family and then to watch them leave. Joe and Josh joined the navy at the same time. They went to boot camp together in Chicago. I remember Joe telling me about Josh, he said that "you would approve of me being friends with Josh, he is a good guy" Joe told me that he had a girlfriend that was in high school and they were soon going to be married. Josh married Samantha and moved to Oak Harbor. I met Samantha the day we moved in to our first house over here. I was so jealous of her cute tan little body and blonde hair. We started to become best friends after that day. We went to drive-inn movies almost every week. Samantha found out she was pregnant and I was so excited for her. Josh called me and wanted me to come over just to tell him the test was positive. I was making fun of them, telling them to kiss sleeping goodbye. About two weeks later I found out I was pregnant-total shock to all of us. Maybe it was karma for making fun of Josh, I don't know. That night after I was done crying we went to a drive-inn movie and I was excited to be pregnant at the same time as Samantha. We were pregnancy buddies. Samantha had Addyson Sage 3 weeks early and I was so mad! I just figured that since she had her baby I would get mine. A month later I had Connor. Connor, Brady, and Addyson became best biddies. They have played together most days of this last year. I have watched Addy from minutes after her birth to playing at her first birthday party. It's kinda crazy to think that we all entered the navy at the same time, had our babies a month apart, and now they are done with the navy and in two weeks we will be. I think that we all met for a reason and I am so blessed that we have had the Stuarts in our lives. I hope we keep in touch and see them again. It makes me sad that I won't get to see baby Addy grow up, but I'm glad that her family will get to see them.

I will miss you guys, I already to, I'm bored on my computer and I can't text you and ask if you want to go on a walk.
I hope you have a safe drive to Idaho,
I hope to see you soon!
Bye Stuart family!

Here are some random pictures of the past year:

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