Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Idaho 2011

Here are some pictures of our idaho trip. We stayed for a week, it was nice to see my family. Some of the highlights of last week are...

Drove to boise, made it at 2 am. Connor cried til 4am.

Had family pictures done. Super excited to get those, my kids actually smiled!

We went to a huge water park in Rexburg. Brady had fun in the water!

We ate cupcakes. Yum.

We got to visit the rexburg temple. I wish I could have taken a picture of the temple at night, it's amazing.

Went to ashton to visit my grandma howell. We went to mesa falls to see the waterfalls, very beautiful. On our way out we stopped at the city drug store to drink some malts. Found out we are related to the girl making the drinks. Everytime we visit ashton we find out we find someone new we are related to.

Thursday we went to Max inn to float a 5mile river on tubes. It was fun when the sun was out. Most of the time we were freezing but we all got sun burnt. Joe and I got to meet a moose up close, I almost peed my pants out of fear, those things are mean. Joe jumped off his tube and quickly moved us away from the moose. That was crazy! 4 hours later I was able to defrost my bones in the car. It took me two days to recover from the river, 4 hours of pattling and running in the river took a toll on my body.

A dog that looked just like max kept following us all week. I wanted to take him home. He was a nice verson of max. We miss max.

We drove to joe's sisters house in spokane and stayed there for a night. Brady loves her house, he keeps asking if he can go back.

It was really great to see my family from wisconsin and nevada. I am sad that we had to leave but I am glad to be home.

Joe starts school in a couple months and I'm so exited for him to become an air traffic controller. I can't wait for this next phase in our lives to begin!
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