Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Connor is four months!

I can't believe our Connor is already four months. He is such a happy guy! If you even look at him he will be beaming from ear to ear. He loves to cuddle and talk his little baby talk. I don't have his stats yet, he has a Dr appt and shots when Joe comes home (I will be making Joe take him).Here are some pictures I took this morning.


Brady did NOT want to hold Connor!
Joe gets home on Saturday (finally!!). This month has been fun, lonely, and long. Brooke and her family came to visit last Thursday. Brooke is my best friend and It makes me so happy when she comes and visits me. They came to help her in-laws pack and move into a new house, but Brooke just hung out with me most of the time. We all stayed at Joe's parents house so that was fun to hang out with my in-laws. Brooke and her family left yesterday to their home in Utah. Her husband wants to move to Seattle and I really hope they do. I love that little family of four.


LeGrand, Alicia, Wesley and Fredrick said...

Your boys are so cute! I can't believe Connor is so big. I can't wait to meet him in a little over a week!

Brooke said...

Stop posting such cute pictures of your babies! I already miss them tons!!!

Good call on getting that shirt for COnnor. I LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

Actually i'll be coming home on Friday, which would be tomorrow.