Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Please Help Our Family!

I got an e-mail this morning from Joe's Aunt. Joe's cousin Cory passed away recently and his family (wife and two little ones) was left with enormous medical bills. Please purchase (every penny goes to his family) this sweet song that his sister wrote for him its only $1.29 and I know that family would really appreciate it! Thanks!

Dear family, friends and those we don't even know:
We are trying to get this out to everyone we can, Audrey has had some people ask from the military in Afghanistan for this song to give them peace and comfort. That is such a honor, hopefully we can get it out to anyone that can use it. Please pass this song around to all that you know to help with Cory's family. "SHELTER ME" by Audrey Johnson Bandley for her brother. Please read on in her words.

Five weeks ago, my brother went in for a very extensive, extremely complicated back reconstruction. He had suffered from severe and excruciating back pain his entire life and had hope in gaining some form of quality of life by alleviating some of the pressure. During those 15 hours of surgery, I had sat down and finished a song that I had been working on for several months and felt pleased with the outcome. Hours later, we received tragic news of severe complications and shortly after, he passed away. He left behind a young wife, two beautiful children age 2 and 6 and a mass of medical/funeral expenses. The day following his death, I sat helplessly at my piano and played through this song I had just written but couldn't finish it. My husband tried to console me as I wept but the only words I could utter were “My brother wrote this song. These are his words. These are his feelings. These are his fears.” The lyrics had captured his life so perfectly, though I hadn't had him in mind at all while writing the song . At that point, my husband I decided to move forward with this particular song and use it to raise money for my dear sister-in-law and her sweet children. “Shelter Me” has been set up so that every penny of every downloaded purchase of this individual song from now until midnight October 31st will be donated to my brother's incredible family. I invite you to help me spread the word. www.audreybandley.com to download for $1.29
It is amazing and brings alot of comfort to souls and minds that hear it.
Thank You
Debbie & Jack Johnson (parents of Cory) whom passed away at 34 and this is our daughter Audrey Johnson Bandley's music.

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