Thursday, October 28, 2010

Joe is finally coming home!

Joe finally comes home tomorrow. He was first told he would be getting home Saturday night, then saturday morning, then Friday night at midnight, and now as it stands he will be flying into NAS Whidbey island tomorrow around 7pm. I'm glad he will be home tomorrow because I was really wanting to go to our church trunk or treat around 4 on Saturday. This will be joes first Halloween with kids. He missed Brady's first lst year so I'm really excited for him to be here for Connors first Halloween and bradys first rime actually trick or treating. I hope he gets a week off but I'm guessing he will just get Monday and Tuesday off. I am going to try to talk him into driving to Salem OR to see the newest baby Johnson be blessed. I am also excited to come back to my parents for my birthday on the 6th ( I share that birthday with my twin sis mal, sis-in-law Joy, niece Julia, and my sister wife Brooke (we call eachother that because I wish she could live with me)). I have been really craving crab lately so I think red lobster will be a perfect birthday dinner. On the 7th Connor will finally be blessed. Randy and his family of 4 will be driving over to see us. Matt and joy are moving to federal way the 7th also! The next two weeks will be super fun for us!!! I hope my camera starts to work! Maybe Joe will get me a new one for my birthday ;)

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perfectlycrazy said...

When and where is his blessing? We'd love to come if we can make it work. :)