Sunday, October 10, 2010

Letter to you from Joe.

Hey everybody. Things are going good out here on the USS George H. W.
Bush. Carrier life isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Other
than the fact that my supervisor is an idiot, I work 15, 16 hour days
even though there is usually less than an hour of work to do a day, I
get no free time at all and I sleep in a space smaller than a coffin,
life isn't that bad. On the plus side, the food is surprisingly good and
even though my coffin bed is tiny and hard as board, it's the most
comfortable place in the world. Things really aren't that bad out here
floating in the middle of nowhere. I've had to adapt a mindset that I
had in boot camp where you just need to accept that things are going to
kinda suck but that it will be over soon. The days, while long, go by
pretty fast and its already been a week, less than three to go. I have a
feeling it will be over and I'll be back home before I realize it. I do
want to say tanks to Sandy and Aaron for being the only two to email me.
Shame on everybody else. Here I am putting my life on the line to defend
your freedoms and you can't even take five minutes out of your day to
say hello. I'm not mad, just disappointed. In all seriousness though, it
would be great to hear from anyone. Its pretty darn boring out here on
this floating prison so hearing from home helps liven the day. Time to
go do some laundry and hit the gym.


Anonymous said...

I wrote him last night. Sorry for being so late!

Anonymous said...

hey! I emailed joe on Sunday! He hasn't emailed me back. lol I hope all goes well!